Expanding Your Customer Base

Expanding Your Customer Base

How Targeted Medical Websites Can Help Medical Care Professionals

Jorge Medina

Research has changed forever with the emergence of the Internet, even for medical professionals. More and more of them are using websites to find information on various diseases to help diagnose with serious problems. Integrating a targeted website into a hospital or doctor's online presence can help them streamline their research in an effective way.

Doctors Prefer Targeted Websites For Gathering Information

When using the Internet for gathering information for research and help diagnosing a condition, doctors rarely turn to Google or other types of search sites. They instead prefer targeted websites that are focused strictly on medical information and research. Of the doctors that use the Internet to do research, 92 percent of them use these types of sites rather than search engines.

Of these doctors, 96.7 percent considered the information there very accurate. The most popular of these sites were Uptodate, Medscape, and Webmd. Using these specific sites made things easier for them when it came to finding information on conditions, due to the concentration of information and the uniformity of the way it was presented.

The Features That Make A Great Medical Website

Designers of medical websites focus on a variety of different features to make them worthwhile. The first is a streamlined approach that makes them easy to understand and use. Typically there will be a few different navigation options, usually split up based on categories such as diseases, possible treatments, and complications that could occur.

Search options are also a great feature, making it easier to locate specific terms and to use them for research. Other useful features include articles written by medical professionals and even blogs. These attract attention to the site and make it more informative for potential patients.

How To Implement One In A Hospital

Studies of well-integrated targeted websites for hospitals have confirmed how useful they are for helping patients and doctors improve their level of care. That's why it is a good idea for doctors and hospitals to create their own targeted website. It will not only improve their level of care with their clients, but also can even attract attention from other healthcare providers.

Creating one requires talking to a professional web design company and getting their help creating a high-quality website that suits their needs. They can identify the best way to create a useful website and how to integrate it into a hospital's website needs.

In this way, hospitals and doctors can expand their scope of care and work effectively to care for their patients. It might be a little investment that will require some marketing money, but it's one that is worth making.

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