Expanding Your Customer Base

Expanding Your Customer Base

Effective Ways To Tailor Your Legal Website For Seniors

Jorge Medina

Whether you are part of a large legal firm or work in a smaller office, legal marketing toward a variety of clients is key. In part of appealing to clients of all ages for your legal specialty, you may find yourself in a position where you want to ensure that your firm's website is senior-friendly. It is also important that you consider the changes that occur with aging, as this may impact the way people view your website and choose to use your services. These tips will help you ensure that your website is senior-friendly.

Break Up Information into Chunks

Short sections of text are easier for anybody to read, but this is especially the case for people who may not have great eyesight. This is also a great marketing tactic for drawing the eye to essential information. Bolding and headlines can be especially helpful. An uncluttered appearance is best for all types of readers who may be looking for your legal services.

Be Consistent with Navigation

You do not want to force your reader to have to relearn your website on each page they visit. Make it consistent so that even new web users will be able to find information they need quickly. Additionally, any navigation tabs and menus that pop out should require a click to avoid confusion when the pointer is run over titles.

Pay Close Attention to Colors

High-contrast color combinations are ideal, especially for those who do not have strong eyesight. Black text on white writing is obviously the most popular choice, but there are other options out there. It is also a good idea to incorporate colors into links, ensuring that you have different colors for clicked and unclicked links.

Avoid Distractions

While bold images are always helpful in creating marketing materials, it is wise to avoid things like pop-ups, especially if you are focusing your legal website toward an older audience. These can be distracting and confusing for those unfamiliar with the Internet.

Use a Search Bar

The search bar should be easy to use. It is also important that you do not use any sort of jargon in the search bar. It should be simple for web users to find information related to their potential queries. You may also want to use a search feature that is forgiving of misspellings and grammar errors.

Crafting a website that markets your legal services effectively to everybody does not have to be difficult. A professional online marketing firm can help to ensure that your website is senior-friendly.


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Expanding Your Customer Base

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